The Evolution of Minecraft | Features, and Modes of the Game

Minecraft emerged as an online game for PC gamers back in 2009. When the early version of Minecraft was released and it was criticized by its critics because of its pixel art. Back in 2009, there was no trend of pixel art in the games. Also, it was hardly called a game and was labeled as more of an experience for players. But how Minecraft’s Evolution took place? We will shed some light on this matter.

The actual theme of the game was that players should explore the world for its resources. If you find resources then you can create your own world. It was up to the players to choose what they wanted to build. Some built weapons, and some built structures based on science fiction. The most important part was the Resource Finding because some resources were hard to find and therefore had a more significant impact.

The Cave Game

The evolution of Minecraft began when in In May 2009, Markus Persson also known as Notch, A Swedish video programmer, and founder of a video game development company named ‘Mojang’, designed a game called Cave Game. It was just a simple game of Blocks Building of grass and stones. There were some errors like getting trapped in a permanent void if you walk off the map accidentally. Some variations were later added to the Cave Game like the blocks of stone, soil, and planks. Saplings were also added to the game. Also, you could add as many characters in the game as you want by just pressing G on your keyboard.

Cave Game Interface 2009

Minecraft Classic

The Cave Game changed to Minecraft Classic. Some changes in the maps were observed like the stone structures. Bedrocks were added to the map too. Also, the void error was eliminated in this version. Water and Lava were added to the game too. There was a creative mode in the game. However, you could flood your entire world with water or lava by accidentally removing one block. Trees were added.

Different blocks of elements like gravel, iron, sand, coal, and gold were included in your bar and in your world. Eventually, in June 2009, the Multiplayer feature was introduced in the Minecraft Classic. It was received very well. Attire changing was made possible in that.

Evolution of Minecraft having different blocks

The flooding problem was resolved after the addition of Sponge Blocks in the bar. Walls could be created with the help of elements in your bar. Sixteen color variations for the wall were included. Flowers were also introduced in the game. Many different kinds of blocks were added to the inventory which the players could check by pressing B on their keyboards. First Minecraft background music called ‘Calm’ was introduced. The creative mode ended with that addition.

Evolution of Minecraft having Flowers and Trees

The new Survival Mode was brought into the game. The real test for Minecraft lovers began because the players had to deal with the Creeper mobs. Gradually other mobs like Spiders, Zombies, and Skeletons were added to the list of your enemies later. However, players were given weapons like Arrows and TNT to defend themselves. Pigs were added to the game from which you can get edible mushrooms. Sheep were also included and so the evolution of Minecraft continued.

Evolution of Minecraft Creeper Mobs

Minecraft Indev Edition

Indev Edition of Minecraft was released in December 2009. Female characters were added in this edition. The Player’s inventory was also upgraded. There was the addition of swords, shovels, apples, armor, and quiver for arrows. New level options were also introduced like the different worlds. Island World, Flat World, and the original world were the options. You could also change the theme of your world. The hell theme replaced all the water in the world with lava and everything just seemed like a wasteland.

Evolution of Minecraft Inventory Load

Flint and Steel were added to detonate the Creepers. However if mistakenly used you could burn your own world with it in the blink of an eye and it couldn’t be stopped. The flooding problem of lava and water was resolved previously. But then the blocks given were unlimited. The unlimited blocks feature was eliminated and now players had only 99 blocks of each element so flood prevention became more challenging.

Random Mossy Cobblestone Cubic Blocks were added. It had chests containing TNT and ores. It also had gears. The evolution of Minecraft took an important turn when an amazing feature ‘Crafting’ was added. So, the players had to craft the resources for common use which were previously added automatically to the inventory. After this update, you could make Crafting Tables which eventually helped the players in creating golden tools, mushroom stew, and bowls.

Mossy Cobblestone Rocks having Chest

Difficulty levels were added in February 2010. From where you could choose a peaceful or hard level. The hard level had giant zombies lurking around every corner of your world. The incredible feature of the Farming simulation was added. Tools like Hoe were added to grow wheat. Paintings could be made with new features.

Farming Simulation Added

Minecraft Infdev Edition

Minecraft Infdev Edition was introduced in June 2010. Incredible landmarks like pyramids, obsidian walls, and far lands were added. Resource Blocks were increased from 99 to 999 for each element. Ores had different variations. Diamonds were added in this edition. In short, it had a realistic world with 3D clouds, caves, and bigger trees. Water became limited and buckets were added to use it as per requirement. New features were added every other Secret Friday. The void was also added to make the game more challenging. Mossy cobblestone blocks had surprise zombies and creepers in them. They could also contain saddles.

Minecraft Infdev Edition

Minecraft Alpha Build Up

In July 2010, the Alpha edition of Minecraft was released. In its version of 1.0.10 Redstone items like iron, doors, levers, buttons, and pressure plates were introduced. Version 1.2.6 included ice biomes. Cactus plants and boats were added as well. Sugarcane farming was added to the Farming simulations which could be used later to produce paper and eventually books. In version 1.1.2_01 surviving multiplayer mode was added. In the last, Secret Friday compasses were added to the game. Fishing rods and paintings were also added. Therefore, the evolution of Minecraft continued.

Ice Biome

The Halloween update gave us Nether (An inhospitable dimension flooded with lava), Nether Blocks, Pumpkins, Gas, and Pigments. Desert biomes were also added.

Minecraft Beta Build Up

This edition was released in December 2010. Some new employees joined Mojang like Jeb, first-ever obtainable Capes were added, and Deadmau5 had large mouse ears. You could have cake in the game now. In the beta version of 1.2 many biomes were added like tiger biomes and rich forest biomes. Lapis and squids inhabited the world. Music blocks were added which had musical notes released upon tapping. Minecraft had successfully sold 1 million copies at that time. Now you can use a bed from your inventory. Animals like wolves were added who were tameable through bones.

Different Biomes in Evolution of Minecraft

In the Minecraft beta version of 1.5_01 if the creeper mobs got struck by lightning they caused deadly explosions. Pigs could also explode by lightning but they turn into zombie pigments, plants, or Redstone contraptions like pistons and trap doors.

Minecraft Pocket Edition

This is the most important step in the evolution of Minecraft. In August 2011 Minecraft Pocket Edition was launched. It was a knockoff version having Nether Reactor. Beta 1.8 was the biggest update till that time. It added strongholds, mineshafts, new food, mobs, new biomes, new caves, villages, and sprinting features.

Minecraft Village

Minecraft 1.0

It was released in November 2011. It had Ender Dragon for a fight, Nether Fortresses, Potion Brewers, Blaze Rods, and a spectacular Enchanting System. More new biomes were also added. The players now could breed animals. This version had Iron Golems, to protect the villagers. Emeralds were added to your inventory to trade with the villagers.

Iron Golems

In the August 2012 update, the villagers inhabit the desert biome. There were temples and forests with traps. In the past, if you lost your way home, a giant dirt pillar was used to take a look from the top. But now you could take help from the beacon. The beacon could be obtained by killing the wither and getting a nether star. Potatoes and Carrots were added to the farming simulation menu. Nether quartz was mined to make blocks.

Nether Quartz

Redstone blocks had hoppers, daylight sensors, Redstone comparators, and a dropper. Minecraft hit an all-time high in July 2013. Meanwhile more biomes were added like acacia, roofed forest, and ice spikes. In December 2013, an update upgraded zombies’ ride to chicken.

Bountiful Update

This update added another feather to the evolution of Minecraft. Diorite, Granite, and Andesite blocks add a more realistic impression of the Minecraft world. Ocean monuments like Prismarine were added in this version.

Bountiful Update

Mojang Sold to Microsoft

In September 2014 Microsoft bought Mojang for a humongous amount of 2.5 Billion USD.

Mojang Sold to Microsoft

Microsoft Takeover

Immediately after the management change, Microsoft allowed users to have their desired names. But the players got worried because the PVP combat (Player VS Player) only focused on axes and shields. Flying using an Elytra from the End City was introduced.

Polar bears were added along with other mobs like Strays and Husks. Meanwhile, sales of Minecraft skyrocketed by 100 Million. Woodland mansions were added to the game. They had Angry Men and if you could kill enough of them, you in reward would become immortal.

Angry Men from Woodland Mansions

Minecraft Education Edition

Minecraft Education Edition was released in November 2016. It was launched specifically for educational institutions to teach young ones about Minecraft in their leisure time.

Llamas sit at the top of the food chain. They are neutral mobs but if they are attacked they spit on you. More mobs were added to the oceans like fish, dolphins, turtles, and coral reefs. Icebergs were added to add more worries for the ocean wanderers. Phantom mobs were added if a player had not slept for a certain number of days.

New scenarios like Angry Men from the Woodland Mansions attacked the villages with their crossbows and ravagers deprived villagers of their stuff. Villagers started making good trades. Foxes were added in Taiga Biome while Pandas were added in the Bamboo Forests. Another update introduced Bees in it.

Minecraft then introduced Totem of Undying. Green Blobs (Slimes) were introduced as another mob. On July 21 bigger caves were included along with beautiful mountains and goats.

Minecraft Movies

A true example is the journey of evolution of Minecraft a live-action movie that was scheduled to be released on March 4, 2022. However the ongoing pandemic made it difficult for the producers to make it profitable, so it was postponed to a later suitable date.

Gameplay in Minecraft

Modes in Minecraft

There are different game modes in Minecraft which are as follows.

Survival Mode

In this mode, you have a life bar and you wander around and explore the world. But you have to survive against the odds of the world like zombies and creepers too.

Creative Mode

It gives you access to the map of the world and thus all its resources. So, you can navigate and explore while flying. Players in this mode use their imagination to create landmarks of real life or science fiction. Some just build great castles for their character to peacefully live.

Adventure Mode

In this mode, you can build or participate in the adventures created by other players because It is more fun to participate in the adventures created by others. This mode also has a life bar so you have to watch out for the enemies.

Spectator Mode

It was also called Safe Mode because you can be invisible in the eyes of the real world. You can just sit back and enjoy the ideas of other players.

Hardcore Mode

It is a sub-mode of survival mode only available in the Java Edition. It is set to the hardest setting and if the player in this mode dies, they cannot participate in the world.


Different Players can interact with this feature. Either based on the LAN or the servers. Different players can interact with each other. Xbox live and some private servers are common connecting points. Player VS Player PVP combat is possible with this feature.

Evolutionized Minecraft 2

Customization in Minecraft

Fans usually modify the Minecraft codes to make it more interesting or to add some interesting features like texture maps, mini maps, new blocks, new mobs, or new items.

Final Words

We have tried our best to explain the Evolution of Minecraft with its features. Minecraft, still after more than a decade now is one of the most popular games in the world. It should be now understood that actually, an evolutionary and adapting nature of Minecraft’s Publishers enabled it to be a top-ranked game in the world even after so long.

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