About Us

Who Are We?

MODS to APK is for everyone who loves good tech content. It was always the vision of its founders to initiate such a platform. We are a group of five people and the only objective to invest our time and money to fuel this project is to acquire the love of our supportive and esteemed members.

What Are Our Priorities?

Our priorities are based on the following standards:

  1. Content should be fun-centric all the time but no compromise on quality.
  2. We always try our best to understand the intent of your visit.
  3. To keep our content as simple as possible so that we do not have any communication gap.
  4. Our site’s presentation and appearance must be user-friendly.
  5. To fulfill our promise. Whatever we promise in our content should be delivered accurately without any hindrance.
  6. We make sure that we have enough data to support your search on our site.
  7. All these checkpoints should be crossed within a standardized and stipulated time. We make sure that the expectations of our members are met.

What We Don’t Do

We have a zero-tolerance policy for negative content as we claim to be fun-centric. We do not support any discrimination based on religion, gender, ethnicity, color, caste, or creed. The world is a global village now where everyone should love and respect each other. If you ever see any negativity on our site you may report that to us here.

As we are tech lovers, we are everywhere. Follow us to stay connected with our every new update:

You may also join our Telegram Group. Still, need guidance, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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