What Does Web 3.0 Mean, and What Software/Apps Does It Refer to Using?

What is Web 3.0?

Web 3.0 is an extended form of the World Wide Web. It is also known as the third generation of WWW and is decentralized with bottom-up design, and has many uses, which makes it different from Web 1.0 and Web 2.0. Besides, with all the 3-dimensional features, it aims to make the transfer of information similar to the human.

Artificial intelligence, semantic web, decentralization, and ubiquity are its main features, which we will discuss in the next section. 

Web 3.0 Features

Here is a complete explanation of web 3.0 features that make it different from other modern technologies and software:

Artificial Intelligence

With AI features, the primary purpose of web 3.0 is to provide information according to the user intent. Rather than just understanding the search words, now it will offer the user intent by understanding the actual meaning of what you researched. 

By mixing with the metaverse, you will now be able to get information about the feature outcomes, and you will directly interact with the environment. In this way, the software and applications can offer opportunities for multiple users in real time with one interface. Chatbots are the ideal examples that are ruling worldwide in this era of web 3.0.

Semantic Web

It means understanding the meaning of the words in different languages and then offering the relevant information. Semantic web word is related to the vocabulary and terms; web 3.0 understands the data and your query in different language and then provide you the information based on your intent. It understands and delivers information at a manlike intelligence level. Hence, the results would be excellent and will shoot up many other technologies and software. 

Note: You must understand that semantic web and web 3.0 are not similar but interrelated. The semantic web is a part of web 3.0, but both are different.


Decentralization means the peer-to-peer interconnection of data. Hence, humans can create and use their digital presence in the form of a metaverse. This way, web 3.0 will quickly satisfy human needs with less effort. 

Decentralization apps, also called DApps, are the best example of these features. Some apps and software, including the Dapps made for cryptocurrency and blockchain data storage, are famous examples. In these crypto DApps, users can now store their digital currency for a long time with safety and security. Soon, people will replace their assets with digital currencies, which are more beneficial according to the latest technological world. 


It means no matter where you are and which device you use, you can access the desired personal and informative data anytime. Web 3.0 ubiquity is independent of the device, place, and time. Hence, the most significant change in global technology will be in the upcoming years because of web 3.0 ubiquity. 

Computing and IoT devices are the best examples of web 4.0 ubiquity. With IoT devices, the world will change into a digital form. IoT devices are the “Internet of Things,” which means the combination of some hardware, software, and apps. These devices are soon going to rock the whole world. 

What Software/Apps Does It Refer to Web 3.0 Using?

There are multiple apps and software which are using web 3.0 technologies. Some of the examples are given below:

Ø Sola

Sola is among the top apps in web 3.0 technologies. The name is new for many of you because it’s not popular now, but soon, it will be a fantastic platform for digitally socializing people. It is a social media platform in the form of an app based on web 3.0 blockchain and some cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum and other artificial intelligence features. Hence, it’s easy for everyone to optimize the data for social use. 

Ø Wolfram Alpha

It is a combination of artificial intelligence and computed software which integrates the information from the online database. Later, it combines the information and offers the output according to the user intent. For example, searching for a query will give you the answer based on the facts and the background knowledge according to the advanced technological level. 

Ø Brave Browser

It is another essential app that is the production of web 3.0. It is an ad-blocking application that offers privacy features on the android device based on your interest. It’s integrated with blockchain and social technologies, which helps in making your digital presence safe and secure.

Final Thoughts about Web 3.0

Hence, web 3.0 is one of the essential third generations of the WWW (World Wide Web), which aims to offer information in a more centralized and manlike mind way. It is a masterpiece in this digital world and will soon replicate famous software and apps. Additionally, it’s going to be an integral part of human life in reality and is replacing hardware all around the world. 

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