Green Kinemaster Pro Apk 2024 [Download the Latest Version with Chroma Key]


Green Kinemaster Pro Apk is a pro video editor. Download the full version for free with premium features like green screen and no watermark.
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Green Kinemaster Pro Apk is an excellent video editor. It professionally edits or makes a new project from scratch. But it is a paid application. So, you will not get many premium features in the free version of Green Kinemaster. For example, ‘A Constant Watermark’ or ‘Logo’ will appear in your finalized project. The ‘Green Screen Effect’ or ‘Chroma Key’ will not be available in the free version, many overlay animations, stickers, and transitions will also not available.

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If you want to go for the Green Kinemaster Pro version, you will pay almost US 40$ to KineMaster annually or US 5$ monthly. On the other hand, we are offering all these premium features to you for free. Because it is a modded version for all the features. So, download the latest version of Green Kinemaster Pro Apk for free and enjoy.

Infographics of Green Kinemaster Pro Apk

There are many features in this apk. The salient features will be discussed here:

Difference between Green Kinemaster Pro Apk and Other KineMaster Apk’s

Salient Features of Green Kinemaster Pro Apk

The Interface of Green Kinemaster Pro Apk

The User Interface is beautifully decorated with a light green color. So, it makes the user experience the best.

Help & Support Corner

It is available 24/7 for the users. So, you can ask any question about the features or how to use them.

Asset Store of Green Kinemaster Pro Apk

Many premium versions of Special Effects (FX), Transitions, Overlay Animations, and Text are available to be used in this store. One can simply download the required feature and after installation, you can use it any time in your project.

Asset Store of Green KineMaster Pro Apk

Recent Project

If you had to discontinue your project for some reason, no need to worry or no need to save it before closing the app. Green Kinemaster Pro Apk will do this for you. Because it automatically saves the latest change made to any project.

Audio Recording Source

In the Settings option, you can select the default source of audio. This means you can use the audio recording feature of Camcorder or Voice Recorder.


With this option, you can keep your project list by either ‘Date Edited’ or ‘Creation Date of the Project’

File Locations

With these settings, you can select the default storage location of the edited projects. These settings are:

  • Recorded Audio Location
  • Recorded Video Location
  • Photos Location
  • Frame Capture Location

Frame Rate

It is the number of still images shown per second. It is represented by FPS. Default FPS for Export is 30.

Customizable Advanced & Experimental Settings

Media Browser Hierarchical Mode

You will hierarchically access the media files from higher to lower folders by choosing this option. Although, this option is disabled by default.

Collection of Diagnostic Data

Diagnostic data is the information collected by apps for infrastructural betterment and troubleshooting problems. You can enable this option. But it is also disabled by default.

Editing Settings in Green Kinemaster Pro Apk

You can set the duration of the photo and layer through:

Default Photo Duration

The default duration is 6 seconds.

Default Layer Duration

The default duration is 6 seconds.

Other Settings are:

Default Photo Cropping

In this option, you can select either the Fit Screen option that will not disturb the aspect ratio or the Fill Screen that will fill the frame and crop the image. Another option is ‘Ken Burns’, which is a default option, it will identify the face of living things automatically.

Full-Screen Mode

The Media Browser Full Screen Mode, if enabled, will fill the screen with the media browser. But the default setting for this option is disabled. While The Audio Browser Full Screen Mode, if enabled then the audio browser will appear above the timeline.

Information Settings

This section will give you the information about your Account, For Example, About the Version of Green Kinemaster Pro Apk, and the Compatibility Information.

Project Assistant

If you want to go for simple editing, then this is best for you. You just have to upload the targeted files, Name them, Apply the basic effects available, Name the start, middle, and ending of the project, then select a soundtrack and that’s it, you have just made the simplest project.

Empty Project

With this option, you will start the project from scratch. So, many premium features will be available.

Selection of Project


You can make a copy of your project so as to protect it from any loss.

The Timeline

It contains different options. Because it is the control panel of Green Kinemaster Pro.

Media Browser

From this panel, you can select the project you intend to edit. You can select it from the gallery on your phone. The media inserted from this browser will be considered as ‘The Background’.

Audio Browser

With this feature, you can add the music track to your project from your phone or through the premium asset store of Green Kinemaster Pro. You can also add SFX effects through the asset store.

Voice Addition

Green Kinemaster Pro can record the live audio which will be ready to use in the project.

Photo Addition

These options on the timeline add Live videos and photos to your project and by default, their position will be close to the Playhead.


Different media including images or clips can be uploaded through this option. It will add these to the main layer or the background.

Effects (FX)

You can apply different effects to your project. Basic effects are Mosaic or Gaussian Blur. The strength of both these effects can be managed by the Blur Strength Setting and Block Size setting respectively. Many premium effects can be downloaded and installed through Green Kinemaster Pro Apk Asset Store. For Example ‘Mirror’ effect.


You can use Classic Stickers in your project. For example, Happy Faces, Celebrations, Fast Food, etc.


Overlay Animations

All the Overlay Animations are premium features and are available for free in the Asset Store. For Example, Motion Elements, Roto, Cursors, Speed Lines, etc.

The Text

You can use premium fonts available in the store and can apply them to your project. For example, Bebas Neue, Rubik, Ubunto Mono, Bai Jamjuree, etc.

Handwriting Tool

All the handwritten material will be considered as a Layer. You can write with the Paint Brush, and Pencil and can erase it too.

Transitions in Green Kinemaster Pro Apk

Beautiful transitions can be added to the gap between the two clips to make their appearance look good. Many 3D transitions are also available in the store. For example, Sentimental, Travel and Activity, Presentation, Powerful, etc. While some examples of 3D transitions are; Checker Flip, Strips, Bouncy Box, etc.

The Master Track of Green Kinemaster Pro Apk

All the media files will be uploaded to the Master Track.


It is a pointer that will help you in many tasks. For example, the synchronization of different tracks, trimming or splitting the project, Dragging the Clip, etc.

Trim / Split

You can either cut any portion of the selected clip or can divide the clip into different portions. You can easily do it by adjusting the position of the Playhead. So, the clip will be trimmed to the right or left of the playhead.

Audio Extraction

You can extract the audio of any project and you can edit it or can replace it.


The Cropping feature helps to edit the dimensions of the project.

Volume Panel of Green Kinemaster Pro Apk

Several useful features are available in this panel.


The Compressor compresses the Audio of any clip to lower quality.

Multiple Volume Feature for Earpieces

You can select different volume levels for the right or left earpiece.


You can select the higher pitch for a feminine sound effect on the clip and you can lower the pitch for inducing a strong masculine voice effect in the audio.

Clip Graphics in Green Kinemaster Pro Apk

Clip Graphics contain text and images of different effects. So, it can be placed on a media file. Some basic Clip Graphics are Powerful, Sentimental, and Travel & Activity. Premium clip graphics are also accessible through the Asset Store.

Speed Control

From this feature, you can adjust the speed of the clip. But you can maximize the speed of a clip only up to 1.45x and can reduce it up to 0.25x.


The rotation feature will twist the clip about 90 degrees with a single tap. But, it will not disturb the internal position of the picture.


This feature will produce the reflection of the clip. Hence It means it will invert the internal position of the clip.

Color Filter

With the color filter feature, you can apply different filters to your project. But it depends upon the original brightness of the project.

Color Adjustment in Green Kinemaster Pro Apk


It will allow you to customize the brightness of your project. But you will use this feature after consideration of the original brightness of the clip or the image.


This feature highlights the difference in colors. So it will make bright colors brighter and lighter colors lighter.


With this feature, you can increase the warmness effect on an image or can reduce it. So it produces a winter or summer effect.

Volume Envelope in Green Kinemaster Pro Apk

It can increase or decrease the level of volume at certain points in a clip. The playhead will be placed on the point of the clip, where you want to increase or decrease the volume, and then the volume level will be increased or decreased according to your need.

Volume Envelope

Audio Filter

These filters will change the original audio of a clip. There are some audio filters available for use. For example; Robot, Deep, Modulation, and Chipmunk.

Vignette Effect in Green Kinemaster Pro Apk

This effect will darken the edges of the media file.

Vignette Effect in Green KineMaster Pro Apk

In Animation Effect

It enables you to make the entrance of a layer aesthetically pleasing. Many In-Animation Effects are available. Some of which are; Pop, Fade, Spin Clockwise or Spin Counter Clock Wise, etc.

Overall Animation Effect

This effect will stay with the layer inserted. Many Overall Animation Effects are available. For example; Jitter, Fountain, Ring, etc.

Out Animation Effect

You can use this effect on the exit of an inserted layer. Examples of this effect are; Slide Left, Slide Right, Diverge, Wipe, etc.

Split Screen Mode

With this feature, you can divide the screen between the media background and the layer inserted. Splitting Templates are also available to use. However, Cropping cannot be done in the Split Screen mode.

Alpha (Opacity)

It is a transparency feature. So, it will increase or decrease the transparency of an inserted layer.

No Watermark in Green Kinemaster Pro Apk

It is an important and premium feature of Kinemaster Green Pro Apk. You can export your project without a logo or watermark of KineMaster for free.

Chroma Key in Green Kinemaster Pro Apk

You can change the background of a video. So, for this, you have to select the main clip as a background. Then select the clip whose background you wish to change and insert it as a Layer. The layer’s background color should preferably be Green or Blue because they are naturally easily distinguishable from the human skin color. Hence both these colors are easily replaceable. It is the reason why the moviemakers use Green Screens in movies which can be easily replaced with different effects later.

Keyframe Animation in Green Kinemaster Pro Apk

You can create animation with this feature. First, you have to select an image as a background. Then select a layer to animate. Adjust the position of the layer. Tap the layer you want to move and click the Keyframe Button on the left sidebar. Move and adjust the playhead where you want to create a keyframe. An animation panel will pop out, where you will tap the add (+) symbol. Now move the layer in the same manner as you want it to be moved. So, that’s it save it and you have created a keyframe animation.

Audio Fade-In Effect

In this effect volume of the clip gradually increases after the start for a set time duration (Maximum 15 seconds).

Audio Fade-Out Effect

In this effect, the volume of the clip gradually decreases before the ending of the clip. Its maximum duration is also 15 seconds.

Video Fade-In Effect

In this effect, the brightness of the clip gradually increases after the start. The maximum duration is 15 seconds.

Video Fade-Out Effect

In this effect, the brightness of the clip gradually decreases before the ending. Its maximum duration is also 15 seconds.


You can transport your project in two qualities. High Definition and the Low Quality. You can also customize bitrate to a maximum of 13.23 Mbps in HD while up to 3.31 Mbps in Low Quality. It is also shareable directly on Facebook, YouTube, Google+, etc.

How to Install Green Kinemaster Pro Apk (Without Watermark)?

In Android

Android 6.0 (Marshmallow) and 7.0 (Nougat)

Please follow the following procedure:

1st Step: Go to Settings > Lock Screen and Security

2nd Step: Enable> Unknown Sources > It will show a warning message, tap ‘OK’.

Note: In some browsers, there may appear a warning saying “Do you trust this file” or “It may harm your phone”. Please be aware that any android file, which has a .apk extension, not installed through Google Play Store will always give a formal caution. Just click “Download Anyway”. Because we have checked it and it doesn’t store any personal information or sell it.

3rd Step: Now click the above download button for the Green KineMaster Pro Apk file and install it. That’s it.

Android 8.0 and Above

This method is applicable on Android 8.0 Oreo, Android 9.0 Pie, android 10, 11, and 12.

First Step: Go to Apps > Click on three dots on the top right corner > Tap on Special Access.

Second Step: Now select “Install Unknown Apps”. Now a list of apps will appear from where you might select any app and then simply enable “Allow from this source”. For example, if you are browsing and intend to download Green Kinemaster Pro Apk through Google Chrome on your phone just select “Google Chrome” from the apps list and then enable the “Allow from this Source” option.

Third Step: Now click the above download button for the Green KineMaster Pro Apk file and install it.

Installation of Green KineMaster Pro Apk in Windows PC (Windows 7, 8, 8.1 & 10)

For this apk file to work on windows, you will need an emulator (a software where you can install and operate an apk file like an android system)

  • So, download an android emulator like Bluestacks or Memu Play.
  • In Bluestacks, go to the media manager and then import the Green Kinemaster Pro Apk file.
  • While in Memu Play, go to the right panel, click the APK option, and then import the apk file.
  • Enjoy the installed file.

Point to Remember: Emulators have large file sizes and will almost double their size after installation.

Installation of Green KineMaster Pro Apk in Mac/Macbook

  • You will follow the same steps as explained in the windows pc installation section.
  • Download any android emulator like NOXPlayer or Bluestacks and it will be functional as a healthy android system.
  • So, then you have to import the Green Kinemaster Pro Apk file into the emulator, the settings of which may vary depending upon the emulator.

People Also Ask (FAQs)

What is Green Kinemaster?

It is a professional video editor. Its latest version is Green Kinemaster Pro and it is a paid application. But if you want to use all the premium features like No watermark, and Chroma Key (Green Screen Effect), just download Green Kinemaster Pro Apk for free.

Is Green Kinemaster user-friendly?

Although it is a professional editor, it has a very simple and decent-looking interface that has a great user experience.

Can you do a green screen on Green Kinemaster Pro Apk?

Yes, you can use Chroma Key for this purpose.

Is Green Kinemaster Pro Apk safe to use?

We have used it and can say there is nothing to be worried about in terms of your privacy and personal data collection. Because Green Kinemaster Pro Apk does not collect or store your files or any personal information.

Final Verdict on Green Kinemaster Pro Apk

Green Kinemaster Pro Apk has all the premium features to be called a professional video editor. It can be used for different purposes. People use it for vlogging, for Instagram stories. It has a user-friendly user interface which makes it best for professionals and equally good for occasional users. So, if you want all these features for free, then just download it.

We sincerely do hope that we have covered everything. Please visit us next time.


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In some browsers, a warning may appear saying "Do you trust this file" or "It may harm your phone". Please be aware that any android file, which has a .apk extension, not installed through Google Play Store will always give a formal caution. Just click "Download Anyway". Because we have checked it and it doesn't store any personal information or sell it.

How to install Green Kinemaster Pro Apk 2024 [Download the Latest Version with Chroma Key] APK?

1. Tap the downloaded Green Kinemaster Pro Apk 2024 [Download the Latest Version with Chroma Key] APK file.

2. Touch install.

3. Follow the steps on the screen.

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